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The West Virginia Mathematics Curriculum Impact Study will examine the impact of a digital math curriculum, called Reasoning Mind, on teacher practices and student mathematics learning in West Virginia, with a focus on new materials that support the Common Core.


  • Schools receive free access to the Reasoning Mind curriculum, either in all 2nd grade or all 5th grade classrooms, during the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years.
  • Teachers receive extensive, high-quality professional development and support for Reasoning Mind throughout both school years at no cost to the school or teachers.
  • Teachers receive compensation for the additional time required for Reasoning Mind professional development (RM teachers in either 2nd or 5th grade) and data collection activities (all 5th grade teachers in both groups).


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Mind Web Site

Reasoning Mind is a nonprofit organization that partners with schools to deliver adaptive online math curricula and a customized professional development system. Mathematics curriculum experts working alongside master teachers developed the curricula to prepare students to meet the Common Core State Standards through coherent and rigorous content. The program supports teachers with pedagogical and content training and by providing rich, real-time data to help inform and differentiate instruction. The program has been shown to feature unusually high student engagement, which can translate into impressive learning gains.


  • The curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards—and is designed to help students meet them
  • Teachers have support for differentiated instruction, including more information about their students’ needs and time to work with individual students
  • Students are highly engaged


"Today’s children have to be taught how to think and reason, and Reasoning Mind does that, and it carries over to other subjects! They are working problems I never would have thought they could, and their confidence is growing." -- 5th Grade Math Teacher, Cox Landing Elementary School
"Many of my students who would normally fall through the cracks are able to improve their basic math concepts due to the excellent step-by-step activities, lessons, and games that Reasoning Mind offers. It is a program that if used consistently over time, will definitely improve student testing scores and achievement/enrichment levels." – 5th Grade Math Teacher, West Fairmont Middle School
"Students love the independence of having computer time and having ownership of their learning. Student data is right at hand and up to the minute. The program enriches and challenges all learners. It has made a huge difference in my class interaction." – 5th Grade Math Teacher, Davis Creek Elementary School

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Learn more about Reasoning Mind, The West Virginia Mathematics Curriculum Impact Study, and the ways in which your school can participate and benefit from this valuable opportunity!

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Wednesday, March 5th 10am-11am EST

Wednesday, March 12th 10am-11am EDT

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Wednesday, March 26th 10am-11am EDT


If you are interested in this opportunity, the first step is to have a conversation with our team. Please let us know you are interested as soon as possible.

Call Scott Darling at 540-324-5052, or let us know how to contact you:

West Virginia

Please note that participating schools must meet some basic criteria for participation. Please review our criteria for participating schools (and feel free to contact us with any questions!):

Review Criteria for Participation

To apply, please complete and submit the application package. We are accepting applications until all 52 spots have been filled. However, please note that spots are filling up quickly. Get your application in as soon as possible to ensure that we have room available for your school to participate! If you have any questions about the program, the study, or the status of applications, please feel free to contact Scott Darling (540-324-5052) at any time!

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For more details about how the research study works, and about the process for assigning schools to the two different study groups in particular, please refer to the Random Assignment Info Sheet.

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